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At zelescope, we provide top-notch software testing services for desktop and mobile applications. Our team of software experts will work as per your needs and make sure the product you get is thoroughly tested.

Why Choose Zelescope For Software Testing Services?

We have proven experience and expertise in software testing services. We provide the unique approach, tools, and frameworks based on your needs that improve the time to market and your business ROI.

Our testing experts ensure the best approach and work directly with your team. Through our services, you will get dedicated support and seamless feedback.

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How We Can Help You

We have experienced and professional software testing experts. They ensure the quality and effectiveness of the whole process. We offer a wide range of software testing services including test automation, functional testing, API testing, and performance testing services.

Test Automation Services

We provide fast and high-quality testing services and help you to get accurate results. Our software experts do comprehensive analysis and suggestions for improvements. With this automation testing process, you will save a lot of time and get rid of the manual testing approach.

Functional Testing

We specialized in providing proficient functional testing services. We offer effective solutions and ensure the verification and validation of applications. We use the latest automation tools and frameworks that can increase the productivity, efficiency, and functionality of your project.

API Testing

Our API experts have extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks. They ensure better security, compliance testing, and checking the process of API. Our API testing services include unit testing, load testing, runtime error detection, and web UI testing.

Performance Testing

We provide exceptional, time-saving, cost-effective, and uninterrupted services to our customers. Our team performs unique services and strategies that help our customers to get the best quality software applications based on their requirements. 

Our testing experts deliver a wide range of performance testing including scalability testing, load testing, stability testing, and regression testing services.

Different Types of Software Testing Services

Web Application Testing

Analyzes the performance and user-friendliness of all types of web apps to detect issues related to the frontend and backend.

Mobile App Testing

The main focus of software testing services contains performance, compatibility, usability, and functional testing types.

Desktop Application Setting

Assures the function of your desktop application functions well without any incidental effects by conducting tests.

Cloud App Testing

Achieve faster time-to-market and data accessibility for your cloud application by using standardized test practices and proven testing frameworks.

Benefits Of Working With

With us, you can get the best software testing services that boost your software quality. Our software experts take care creating a test plan and implement a unique strategy to identify the defects in the software.

Our Guarantee

We assure you by giving the best service based on your requirements. We guarantee your employment with us will be thriving and we will fix the problems at no time.


Software testing is a process to confirm the actual software product matches expected needs and inspect whether the software product is defect-free. This testing concerns the execution of software segments using manual or computerized tools to consider one or more properties of interest.

The purpose of software testing is to determine errors, gaps, or missing requirements in contrast to actual needs.

We provide functional testing, unit testing, compatibility testing, load testing, mobile app testing, performance testing, API testing, functional testing, and so on.

In software testing, quality assurance helps to ensure the quality of software products or services provided to the customers by an organization. This process focuses on improving the software development and making it effective as per the quality standards specified for software developments.

Unit testing is an important part of software testing. It is the process of testing each element of the software and ensuring that they work faultlessly. 


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