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Our Comprehensive DevOps Services help gets continuous delivery, automate processes, realize better throughput, strengthen app security resilient systems, upgrade architecture, and more.

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The DevOps services and solutions we provide help your business achieve a DevOps culture that brings more value to the market at a lower cost. Our industry-leading DevOps services and market-validated DevOps best practices deliver a feature-rich product in a short amount of time and without sacrificing quality.

As part of our DevOps processes, our engineers utilize modern tools as well as DevOps processes in your organization. Our cloud infrastructure and processes are automated in order to ensure continuous delivery and continuous integration so your product can be delivered as quickly as possible.

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Our DevOps Services

With our industry-leading DevOps services and market-validated DevOps best practices get a feature-loaded product to the market in a more down timeframe and price.

DevOps Solutions

We have developed the best DevOps implementation strategies to streamline your workflow, automate CI / CD pipelines, speed up software delivery and adhere to the highest development standards. We are creating a blueprint for implementing DevOps solutions that maximize business efficiency.

  • DevOps automation services- Perform smarter with automated workflows and processes to reduce errors, reduce costs, and release human cognition for business-important tasks.
  • DevOps implementation services- Get the most out of your current infrastructure and resources, by getting built-in functional and efficient workflows using DevOps approaches.
  • AWS DevOps services- Our Cloud DevOps Services help you make the best use of the AWS ecosystem and utilize their services and tools to improve cloud infrastructure management for your business.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management covers automatic environment provisioning, a monitoring program that sends relevant alerts, and autoscaling. This process is crucial for product success.

  • Get tech stack consulting- Consult on the right tools and the right technologies to complement your modern infrastructure and advance in the growing landscape.
  • Infrastructure as code – We assist you with end-to-end distribution, configuration, supply, and deployment to achieve the best infrastructure status.
  • Infrastructure optimization- Optimize your IT infrastructure in its best way with our Professional infrastructure optimization services.

Cloud infrastructure

Bring your cloud infrastructure ready to maintain a fast-paced delivery model, powered by DevOps, with your management services. With our expert service, you can keep downtimes at bay, manage resources efficiently, and scale seamlessly.

  • Virtual server management – We can handle your virtual servers to supply outstanding performance and function smoothly despite traffic fluctuations.
  • Cloud infrastructure design – We confer you on everything to lay the foundation for a robust infrastructure, ranging from cloud infrastructure design to virtualization design.
  • Enterprise modernization- With our service, you can say goodbye to legacy setups and embrace the cloud infrastructure to let your apps perform at their optimum best.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Follow emerging market trends and user needs through DevOps practices that help deploy and manage CI / CD pipelines. Publish innovative solutions at a much greater speed while resolving issues at a higher cadence with our expert CI/CD services.

  • CI/CD implementation services- Benefits from continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines with robust implementations enabling business growth.
  • CI/CD consulting services- Get to know what your business can do with automated integrations and delivery pipelines to reduce time to market and reduce costs simultaneously.
  • CI/CD pipeline auditing- Ensure the highest level of efficiency by auditing your CI/CD pipelines, and identifying the tools and platforms that can aid your project.

How Zelescope Helps With DevOps Services

We offer a wide range of services and can work on any type of application, from digital customer-facing systems to large enterprises.

Unfailing Commitment

From using modern tools to deploying new DevOps practices, everything we do is based on your business goals and requirements. With our unfailing commitment, we use your objectives as a metric for measuring success.

Excellent Expertise

We offer unparalleled technical expertise with a lot of successful DevOps projects and 50+ skilled DevOps consultants. By doing so, you get high-quality digital products that meet the needs of your end-users and meet your business objectives.

Highly Flexible Team

As your business grows as a result of successful DevOps implementations, you’ll need a partner who can keep pace with it. Our team of highly flexible experts helps you expand your business without sacrificing quality.

Clear Communication

DevOps is a streamlined communication between development and operational teams, So we use the same principle when working with you. You will always be on the same page with your team, regardless of the language barrier.

Our DevOps Approach

Improved Security

Automated security tests ensure better product quality and fewer bugs to deal with in later stages. Also, provides optimal mechanisms for security management and compliance.

Use of Resources

Improve profitability by making reasonable use of available resources. We use flexible strategies to scale up and down to suit business needs and give shareholders the ability to move forward at any level.

Continuous Deployment

Once the feedback cycle has accelerated and all pipeline levels have been passed, be prepared to release software that will release every change directly. This allows developers to focus on improving products without having to worry about release dates.

Continuous Integration

Keep updating the product by adding new code to the existing trunk. Even with multiple contributors, automated developments and tests helped to link the continuous code to the existing trunk.

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    DevOps is a compound of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). It is a blend of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that enhance an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high speeds.

    • DevOps is based on the concept of enhanced collaboration between development and operational groups so that they function as a single unit working towards common goals. With this improved and collaborative culture, the definition of DevOps extends to the following principles:
    • Collaborative effort
    • End-to-end responsibility
    • Continuous improvement with feedback loops
    • Automate wherever possible
    • Speed
    • Rapid Delivery
    • Reliability
    • Scale
    • Improved
    • Collaboration
    • Security

    With the digital product involved in the DevOps equation, it has become the true standard for any company looking for growth. Some popular names practicing DevOps include Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Facebook, Adobe, Sony, and more.


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