SEO Services

With eCommerce SEO services from Us, your online store can generate more sales and enhance its credibility. We have a team of experts that work with you to help drive traffic towards the products to be sold at maximum potential.

How We Can Help You

We’re not just here to help you get started, but also when it comes time for launch and beyond. We’ll be there every step of the way with our expert eCommerce SEO services so that your business can thrive online.

Off-Page Optimization For eCommerce

eCommerce is about more than just selling products online. It’s also important to build links with real value that will help you rank higher and be seen by the right audience – which means we don’t copy other companies’ work or rely solely on chance when working together for your campaign success.

Our team spends plenty of time searching through trade associations, niche directories & press releases before finding opportunities relevant in this industry, as well as finding methods social media can use to shout out our client’s offerings too.

Online Store Optimization

We help you get found by searching. Our team will optimize your products, categories, and brand pages to deliver motivated consumers ready for purchase through organic search engine optimization (SEO). We position these optimized webpages so that they are easily accessible on the internet’s biggest websites like Google – increasing visibility which leads directly toward increased sales.

Product Page Optimization

Product pages are the most important part of an eCommerce store. They’ll likely be ranking for very specific search phrases, which means that it’s time to optimize them.

Our SEO strategy will focus on optimizing products with titles and paragraphs or two that contain keywords, as well as including model numbers so you can show up in searches about them too.

eCommerce Migration

We are a reliable eCommerce website migration service provider who can help you shift your online store to the most advanced web-based solution. We understand how difficult it may be for some businesses and thus want them to have an easy transition without any hassle or stress involved in this process.

Our expert team will transfer all of their existing content from one platform database into another while also importing important data like catalogs, customer lists, etc., ensuring there are no errors along with maintaining authenticity checks on both ends.

Why Choose Zelescope?

The right digital marketing company is important when you have a new eCommerce business, and we at Zelescope are committed to helping our clients succeed. With over 15 years of combined experience in this industry along with the passion shown by each member of staff – there’s no doubt that success will be within reach.

Our Experience​

We're here to help your business grow. We have over 10 years of experience in the field and our skills ensure customers improve rankings for search engines like Google.

Knowledgeable Team​

We have a team just for you and any size theater. With us, you are always sure that everything from start to finish is 100% professional and perfect.

Complete Translucency Services

We do more than just build websites. With our custom eCommerce solutions, our service help you make the most of your online business.

End-To-End Services

Leave the complexities of designing and developing your business site to us. We’ll take care of everything you need, from getting started with a beautiful website to hosting it on our servers.

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