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We offer standard software development services for small, start-up, medium-sized and large businesses with many dedicated developers. Transform your business to the next level with customized software development. We ensure world-class software with our professionals who have more technical knowledge with vast experience.

Why Zelescope for Software Development Service?

We are an end-to-end and client-focused software development company that has 10 years of experience in delivering various services related to custom development with proper maintenance and support. With competitive research and digital marketing strategy, we help many business owners to achieve their goals by improving productivity and budget. 

The custom development service allows us to create various software applications and platforms according to the needs of clients to improve their business. We ensure upgrades and maintain post developments according to the market trend. 

Our expert developers provide flexible and reliable applications based on your convenience. The software we develop are designed with advanced codes to ensure world-class performance and allows you to optimize based on the current needs.

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Software Development Services That We Provide

We offer a wide variety of software development services so you can build your dream software with us. With our software development service, you can enhance the marketing strategy of your business.

Custom Software Development Service

With more than 10 years of experience, we are providing software development services. The professional and experienced developers in our company gathers all your business requirements and ensures custom results according to your needs.

  • Application Migration and Rebuilding – We help you to modernize and update your legacy applications to improve your business. Our expert software developers rebuild your software with advanced technologies and design based on your business requirements.
  • Custom Software Application Development – We develop simple as well as complex software applications with a flexible design to ensure a better user experience.
  • Data Visualization – Our experts help you to monitor the goal and performance of your business with competitive analysis. We use custom tools and codes to track the improvements with deep insights

Web App Development

We build and develop reliable web application with our expert team using advanced codes to achieve your business goals. The full-stack developers in our team provide all kinds of web apps based on your requirements.

  • Front-End Web Development – We provides front-end development using the most popular front-end technologies including Angular, React.js, etc with excellent UI designs according to your preferences.
  • Progressive Web Apps – We develop various Progressive Web Apps that are simple, secure and easily installable with good user experience. Our PWA developers ensures excellent application with different APIs.
  • Custom Web Application Development – We ensure customized web applications based on your preferences to improve your business strategy. We’ve satisfied our customers with more convenience in user experience.

Application Development

The professionals in our software development team are experts in building applications based on the client’s needs. We develop mobile, desktop, and web apps with excellent UI designs to impress the users.

  • Saas Application Development – We develop and redesign commercial Saas applications based on your business needs and help to achieve your goal. We create Saas applications using multiple cloud networks.

  • Ecommerce Development – We build amazing eCommerce applications with various features to improve the marketing strategy of your business. We ensure custom designs based on your business requirements.

  • Enterprise Application Development – Our software developers specialize in building enterprise applications with the latest and modern designs to improve your business.

Mobile App Development

We build different mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms with the latest and innovative designs to promote your business among customers. Our developers are highly skilled and experts in working with various tools.

  • Mobile App Consultation – We build and integrate the most user-friendly and attractive APIs based on the user requirements. We are highly engaged in designing simple and flexible UIs.

  • Cross-Platform App Development – We develop mobile applications with advanced codes that can be run on any device such as mobile, desktop, web, etc.

  • Native App Development – Develop your mobile application for a particular platform based on your preferences with our development team. We create various features that can be compatible only with the specific platform that you need.

API Integration Service

In this service, we integrate different external systems with your application to ensure an amazing experience. It improves the user experience by combining the internal API with the external APIs and other tools.

  • API Security Testing – We do automated tests to check and ensure the performance of API and applications that we develop. After that, track and monitor the layers of APIs.

  • Cloud API Integration – Our software developers create reliable APIs for mobile, cloud, and web services to connect different sources for the performance and storage of the application.

  • API as a Service Development – We develop applications with the qualities of APIaas to use the functions of Saas so you can combine the external API with your custom API.

Benefits of Working With Zelescope

There is a solution for all your needs. We have professional software engineers who have well knowledge in versatile fields and can adapt several projects with full involvement. Our mission is to ensure standard services to our clients based on their requirements.

Dedicated Team

The experts in our development team are 100% commit when it comes to working. They have in-depth involvement in each task they do to ensure standard solutions to the customers based on their needs.

Rapid Progress

Our professionals are agile in assigning tasks and completing that with the proper planning. Thus, we can build and produce the product quickly to the customer before the end time.

Effective Performance

The experts in the software development team ensure custom software applications with amazing features according to the customer preferences.

End-to-end Services

We have delivered various projects and solutions for our clients based on cloud and other applications according to the customer needs.

Quality Control

The quality check is very important to do before delivering the product to the client. We make sure that everything is done in the product and makes some improvements.

Software Development in Cutting-Edge Technologies

Big Data

Big data is used to handle a large amount of data virtually via cloud services. We develop software with big data technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The software application that we create includes Artificial intelligence to perform various functions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We in-built the Internet of things in your software application to run smartly.


We build various features that can be compatible with multiple blockchains and integrate with REST APIs.

Machine Learning (ML)

We develop your software application with Machine Learning models to improve your business.

VR and AR App Development

We have utilized the capability of VR and AR to ensure a better user experience in your software application.

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    How We Progress Software Development

    1. Choosing the right team

    We choose the right team with the expert and professional members according to the project.

    2. Proper planning

    Do the proper plan according to the methodology and technology that we progress. The team members follow the planning.

    3. Designing architecture

    After planning, we design the structure or architecture of the project with the respective features.

    4. Building

    Create demos and start building the projects with requirements based on the planning and pre-designing.

    5. Testing

    We test the project after building to check the performance, security, and other things. We use advanced tools for testing.

    6. Delivery

    After completing all the phases, the final responsibility is to deliver the product client properly.


    In the marketing world, customers expect advanced and latest technologies to improve their experience with convenience. In this sense, we ensure standard software to our customers with a better user experience to improve their business.

    It is not easy to choose a reliable software development company among the plenty of choices. Although, you have to analyze and understand their process, skills, experience, and achievements with the latest technologies.

    We have expert software developers with vast knowledge of the latest technologies and we ensure standard results for our clients at a reasonable price.


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