How our

development team works

Expand your business with our expert team. We analyse your past trend and create plans with custom methods that make your project successful.

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Learn new technologies that are needed for your project

Tell us your needs and project goals. We encourage details. Our team will propare a plan seeing your requirements and consult with you.

We are a bunch of people, sincere at work, passionate about technology, and curious about what we can do with it.
We have a passion to build the great thing to bring us together and a long professional journey taught us how to build the perfect web projects and deliver them on the time.

In every project, we come up with new ideas, build new things, and make the web a better place to do business. Always curious to learn new things and also hungry for more knowledge. We believe together to achieve more, so we always perform as team player.

Our technical consultation includes what are the possible challenges present in the project, what tech stack will suit it, solving strategies, and future hiring plans. It also explains the tools, resources, skills, tactics, and every detail that you must know about.

Hire the best team for your business project

For the seamless growth and establishment of your business, we provide the solutions and services that smoothen up the path to the success of your business.

With Zelescope businesses, you can easily achieve more success, unique status, and considerable profits. Moreover, we help them to attract more leads and helps to increase sales through our web services.

Our broad service range and industrial experience will give us the ability to provide digital marketing and web design services that will improve your business on all crucial parameters. Our solutions will provide high functional performance, and also it will help you to easily gel up with the targeted audience. In our service, the brands are easily getting more exposure online.

We have remote developers who experienced with work as distributed teams. If you need an remote developer, we can make it for you. We check our network and find the right local developer for you.
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You won't notice where we worked and your team was

Our developers and marketers create their plans to match your work cycle, style, and pattern. We work with your systems and our tech managers conquer the priorities from you.

We have been teaming up for 12 years, we have made many engagement models to try and test. We promise there will be no limition despite of distance, time different, and communication.

  • We selected and grwoing as a Success Team.
  • We discuss challenges and transfer knowledges within us.

Our team is learned and trained for communication. They focus on consistant communication, friendly collaboration, and transparent discussion.
We have daily stand-ups where our remote developers and teammates do video chat and explain their working status.
We also do weekly demonstations where eeryone one of the team join a video chat and share screens with others.

We allow our clients to own all their intellectual property that is paid for work. Our team who collaborated with you will sign a contract before they start a project to protect your properties.

What do you get

Top Talents

With our team of highly skilled and qualified experts, we deliver the best services to our clients.

No Ramp-Up

Get new projects up and running quickly. For new businesses, we take care of assembling the right experts and starting them.

Managed Process

Our dedicated experts take care of the heavy work by managing the project team so that you can focus on what matters.


We observe the progress and healthiness of your project based on key attributes such as milestone tasks, blockers, bugs, and team satisfaction.

Easy Access to Experts

No matter what agency in our network you need, you'll get expert advice, whether that's from a data scientist, architect, UX designer, or niche technology expert.

Project Specs and Analytics

By gathering crucial information from stakeholders, our business analysis team will deliver technical requirements that developers can easily understand.

IP Security, Ownership and Licensing

Zelescope provides complete ownership and licensing rights for its software, so you are free to use it and commercialize it as you see fit.

Code Documentation and Transition

Our team provides everything you need to seamlessly transfer new software to your internal teams.

Supprt, Testing, and Maintenance

We test a project from beginning to end and provide comprehensive testing and on-demand maintenance.


For our enterprise partners, we maintain a variety of insurance policies to protect and meet their obligations.


Our services include contract management, payroll operations, employee retention, travel management, and logistics.


Modern office buildings with an inspiring working environment, equipped conference rooms, and established facilities management are our specialty.

Team Management

We help you to share the skills of products with the small software developers in your team. Moreover, ensures the growth and personal development of the people by motivating them with loyalty.

Delivery Management

We manage the metrics of the production team and monitor the quality of deliverable products and software programs.

Consulting Support

Our consultants have experience in all areas. They will guide you throughout the process and advise you on each aspect you have to strengthen. In addition, they will help with software architecture and manage your software lifecycle.

Speak to our experts to start growing your business!