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Cloud-based solutions have become popular among different businesses. Increase your business value by using end-to-end cloud solutions. Focusing on measurable computing resources, we help you move resource-based processes, bring better business acumen, and achieve the flexibility of your business requirements.

Enhance Your Business Growth with Zelescope

Zelescope provides end-to-end cloud development services that help you move and refactor your workloads and apps for effective use of the cloud. We use industrialized solutions and unique cloud management strategies that help companies from various domains quickly create, test, and deploy cloud applications.

Partnering with Zelescope lets you influence our collaborative experience and expertise to incorporate valuable capabilities into your software development program. 

As one of the best outsourcing software development companies, we focus to establish long-term business relationships and help you meet your biggest software development challenges. We offer a number of outsourced software development service options. They are all designed to meet the specific needs of our partners.

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Our Cloud Development Services

Zelescope offers end-to-end services to cover all features of cloud application implementation, such as cloud-native app development, cloud consulting, cloud migration consulting, cloud architecture design, and cloud assessment. We have industry-specific expertise, and they know how to guide you throughout the cloud development process.

Cloud-Native Development

Increase your business revenue with Zelescope’s cloud-native application development services. We design, develop and use the cloud-native application to increase your business growth. Enhance your productivity with our service that includes CD, Containers, DevOps, and Microservices.

  • Application Migration & Modernization – Optimize your cloud apps and cancel migration hazard with Zelescopr’s migration services and cloud modernization. We’ll help you use the potent of cloud-native microservices and containers.
  • Approach and Roadmap – We have certified and trained Microsoft and AWS developers. They will build the strategy that your work needs for the next step. Apart from that, they will also create poly and multi-cloud strategies for your cloud apps.
  • Cloud-Native App Development – When we talk about the best practices and architecture patterns, we have the expertise to help you use cloud-native technologies to design, develop, deploy and update cloud-native applications.

Cloud Consulting

At Zelescope, our consulting services are Our consultants give the creative ideas which will enhance your project and business. Our highest consulting services are uniquely designed with each client in mind.

  • Cloud Migration – With zelescope, start your cloud migration process. Avoid the complex infrastructure by using a hassle free migration process with our trained container experts who are skilled in Docker and Kubernetes implementations.
  • Cloud Optimization – Gain techies guidance to improve your cloud ecosystem in performance, network, storage, computing, security, and IT functions. Achieve greater efficiency by providing the right resources for your workload and applications.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Mangement – Our simple cloud infrastructure management services will help businesses build, scale, configure and retire infrastructure as needed.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Cloud migration is a highly complex and important process in cloud development. We have experienced cloud developers who decrease your technology and IT expenses and headaches.

  • Infrastructure Migration – Our cloud developers check your current infrastructure and analyze the details. We understand your future needs and build a migration plan with the great practices and tools.

  • Platform Migration – If you want to decrease the function costs or get high development efficiency, Zelescope will help you to migrate your preferred cloud platform without risks.

  • Application Migration – Migrate your traditional apps to the cloud via Zelescope. We help you redesign your existing apps and create them cloud-ready for smooth move and solid performance.

Cloud Architecture Design

We specialize in setting up cloud architecture that will increase the power of resources serving your business purposes. At zelescope, we focus on the security and cost-effectiveness of your cloud solutions.

  • Cloud Technology and Roadmap – Update your cloud infrastructure with Zelescope. We create cloud strategy and plan a roadmap that suits your business and helps you enhance the technology advantage.

  • Cloud Management – Take advantage of your cloud environment by providing functional capabilities to workflows. Risk management, obedience with strong security, and workload to suit your requirements.

  • Cloud Deployment Service – Create and manage numerous cloud environments from a single platform. We help you plan, execute and function workloads on your business.

Our Cloud Development Approach

Benefits of Working with Zelescope

As one of the innovative software development companies, we have developed a vast array of knowledge and expertise that can be applied to our cloud solutions that meet the expectations of our customers.

Advanced Cloud Services

With the right cloud developer, we place an advanced cloud service to ensure high scalability and architecturally strong web applications quickly. At Zelescope, our advanced cloud solutions are handled by technically qualified IT professionals. They have a wide range of experience in managing, planning, and securing your business details.

Intrinsically Agile

To maintain the evolving market trends and change client expectations, we go with an agile-backed DevOps. As we are extraordinarily active, you will pursue strategies of your choice rather than competition.

Cost Reduction

The main benefit of migrating your business function to the cloud is cost savings. For many cloud resources, only the time spent will be charged. Even better, most cloud services let features be scaled automatically, so you will not be charged when it is scaled down and will only be charged when you run it or for what you use per user.

Hassle-free Migrations

We provide hassle-free cloud migrations that offer high up time, low-cost functions, and scalability. Our cloud-first approach allows you to resolve issues and select the appropriate cloud strategy. Apart from this, our technical experts guide you for a seamless and smooth migration experience.

Dynamic Planning

We have experienced and trained software developers who are passionate about the work. They will understand your business and plan what is perfect for your business requirements, then define and lunch cloud strategies, assign workloads and build infrastructure to provide better results.

Multi-Cloud Method

We use the multi-cloud strategy to decrease your catastrophes, avoid disruptions and increase the application’s availability.

Our Cloud Development Approach

Agile Approach

To build a transparent mobile application, we trust heavily on agile approach. Our expert team will keep you updated in each step and help you keep track of every sprint, code confirmation, strategy, and design idea.

Requirement Collecting

Our client's digital transformation journey starts with an innovative phase involving cloud professionals measuring capacity gaps with current systems, business needs, your internal teams, and technical prerequisites.

Design and Infrastructure Audit

Our senior-level architects, project managers, and engineers work well with our in-house team to do a thorough cloud infrastructure assessment depending on your business-specific needs.

Result-Oriented Approach

We focus to deliver a successful application solution to put you at the top of the market. Our dynamic processes and quick emulation plan allow you to make the best decisions throughout the project.

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    Cloud App Development is the work of designing, building, and implementing cloud-based applications. You can go with a cloud development service company like zelescope to design, develop and use applications that will help you scale and enhance your business.

    If necessary, make sure your cloud application is designed with simple infrastructure dependencies to easily change vendors of some cloud services.

    An alternative option to avoid cloud vendor lock-in is to create a cloud-agnostic cloud application. But it definitely increases the cost and time of the development project.

    The custom cloud services we deliver include  cloud development services, cloud computing consulting, cloud migration, IaaS, SaaS and PaaS development.


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