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Good Coders Build Safe & Stable Software

Custom Software Development

Our dedicated applications unravel your long-haul challenges in business.

Application Development

Our application development services monetize your time and effort.

Software Testing

Our high-quality processes deliver software faster and quicker.

AI/ML Development

We build AI apps using machine learning for higher intelligence.

Mobile App Development

We ready to create great B2B and B2C mobile applications for you.

Dedicated Development Team

Improvise development abilities with no additional overhead.

API Integration & Development

Use integrated APIs to save development costs and time spend.

Web Application Development

Get business-valued applications that go through all workflows.

Software Product Development

Set and chase your goal by connecting with our market experts.

You Dream. We Achieve.
You Plan. We Finish.
You Set. We Reach.

Our designing and marketing teams have development capacities that reflect in the project workflow. We are a custom software development and marketing company that promises to achieve your business dreams, finish your project plans, and reach your company goals together.

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How Zelescope develop Safe & Stable Software

Assign a custom team for each project

We create new teams for our clients based on their needs and plans. The right talents understand what you want, and how you like to process, and they constantly puts effort in the long run.

❝ I did appreciate how quick their tech team identifies problems. It really gives me the scope to finish the project on time. Credits go to the team. ❞
Content Marketer
team zeles

Constant analysis and early identification assure good results

We deliver faster because we monitor the progress and check the impacts constantly. The early identification of problems cuts delays in delivering on time.

Build strong from the base — design and structure

Software development and coding are steps of structuring the business and that should be promising for the long term.

We do coding and development either to deliver a quicker product with more value or to improvise a lifetime and health of a product without giving chances to technical issues in the future.

Quickly embracing your ideas and needs

Our experienced team with skills and knowledge adapts to your process and guides you to the successful result with more sales to your business and traffic to your website. We listen, observe, and colloborate with our customers matching the standards.

❝ You have done a brilliant job on our website. Our site is performing extremely well and I am impressed with the SEO services. I can visibly see great results. Rock on! ❞
Anna Black
Data Analyst

Our approach to design and development

UX Driven Design (UXDD)

We focus on user experience in the first place. Our designers select great approaches to implement no matter what architecture you want for your product or system support.

Transfers Skills and Knowledge

Our way of predefined communication process avoids mistakes. We share and transfer skills with good understanding between designers, developers, and customers.

Established Team with Experience

Developing an application and reaching the right audience for a product is difficult. But we know how to do and what will come after — that's how you bypass risks by hiring us

IP and Security Management

We develop software applications and market products with enterprise-grade approaches with more importance to Intellectual Property and security. It brings safe and stable project results.

Coding and Designing

We strive to write code that is understandable, easy to navigate and adapt. Our team does a review process followed by an in-depth code design to ensure the code match quality and standard.

Testing and Validation

Writing error-free code is impossible. All developers face bugs in software developers. Our Quality Assurance model follows TDD and ATDD to ensure development is free of iterations.

Our Tech Pile

How development through Zelescope works

1. Build the right team

For every project, we assemble a new team that is right for the client and their needs.

2. Sprint planning

A collective set of tasks is fixed and planned to be ready for final review on time.

3. Tech architecture

We divide architecture into layers and assign it to teams to complete the project faster.

4. Standups & reviews

We do reviews and standups weekly with project demos that explain how the process is going on each side.

5. Code validation

Developers do code validation to identify leaks in files and memory, design gaps, and formal bugs before release.

6. Gradual checkpoints

We test the project at several points during the implementation process to avoid mistakes at the dead end.

Zelescope Guarantee

We know clients will hire us for more projects if we have delivered what they wanted on their first approach with us. We are focusing on building trust in clients with our guaranteed results in the long run.
We provide free quotes for all services based on the length of your projects and needs. You can assemble a custom team for your project after discussion with our developers.
We are friendly and transparent with our approaches and plans. Your assigned team will keep in touch with you and ask for your feedback often and be ready to make changes at any stage of the project — above all, it is for you and YOUR SATISFACTION matters a lot to us.

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